• Datum: 01. Juni - 03. Juni 2022, Schloss Burgdorf in Switzerland
  • Team: Carolin Schurr, Iris Dzudzek, Susanne Hübl

All sorts of technologies – old and new, analog and digital, medical and economic, big and small, quotidian and extraordinary etc. – are changing and challenging the constitution and limits of our body. The current pandemic once more shows how sick and healthy bodies arise in ecological and social relationality. They emerge from interscalar entanglements ranging from the microscopic scale of viruses and bacteria to global health politics. Un/healthy bodies are unevenly distributed across the globe with the pandemic showing the uneven intersec- tional geography of access to medical technologies and health infrastructures – not only a global but also national and local scale.


Introduction Panel

  • Introducing Key Concepts of Feminist Technoscience (Jutta Weber)
  • Bodies and Populations - Feminist Perspectives on Reproduction (Susanne Schultz)
  • Bodies as/in space – an interdisciplinary panel discussion: Conceptualising space (Judith Miggelbrink) | Bodies as/in space (Carolin Schurr) | Worlding health (Iris Dzudzek)


  • Workshop A: Global health (Henning Füller)
  • Workhshop B: Obstetric violence (Roberto Castro, in Spanish)
  • Workshopo C: Body and Knowledge, Disability and Science (Heidi Kaspar)
  • Workshop D: Reproductive Justice - Julieta Chaparro-Buitrage & Yolinliztli Pérez-Hernández
  • E. Worlding with and through data (technologies) (Katrin Amelang)
  • Group discussion a: App-nographies: Positioning oneself in feminist technopolitical research Mara Linden & Tilma*n Treier

Reponse-ability: Group discussions

  • App-nographies: Positioning oneself in feminist technopoliticalresearch (Mara Linden & Tilma*n Treier)
  • Science communication: Bringing feminist technoscience intopolitics (Laura Perler, Carolin Schurr and Sara Lafuente Funes)
  • Experimenting with bodily methods (Susanne Hübl)
  • Activist and creative research: Academia, activism and art (Iris Dzudzek)